Kahnawake in Motion Banner Unveiling

In Kahnawake in Motion, KSDPP by MacKenzie Whyte

The community is invited to the unveiling of a Kahnawake in Motion banner this Friday, February 20, 12:00 noon at the Kahnawake Youth Center. The Kahnawake in Motion campaign is aimed at promoting all forms of physical activity in Kahnawake with an emphasis on respect and support. The Kahnawake Physical Activity Committee worked with local artist Leilani Shaw to create the 4 X 8 banner which will be displayed throughout Kahnawake.

The Physical Activity Committee began in 2012 to develop and oversee actions to enhance activities, build a supportive environment, improve related healthy lifestyles skills for coaches and build local partnerships that support physical activity for all Kahnawakero:non. Member organizations include KSDPP, the Kahnawake Youth Center, KMHC Community Health Unit, the MCK Sports & Recreation Unit, MSCS Our Gang, KSS Wrestling Team and Karonhianon:ha tsi Ionteriwaienstahkhwa.